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My Story

This is my journey on how I went from being a music teacher, to a product manager, to now - a UX Designer.

I started off with a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Queen's University while also taking Computing courses for my electives. During this time, I was working as a freelance computer science tutor for an EdTech startup called OneClass. They hired me after I graduated to be an Operations Specialist.  In reality, I was a jack of all trades there. Since the company was so small at the time, I took on many different roles and learned a lot about the different roles within a startup. Aside from the main roles I listed at the top, I also got to experience hiring, managing a team, managing finances, and data analysis. 

UX Designer

In my past roles, I was always working with a finished product. I was always curious about how the product I am working with was designed. How was each decision made? Why are elements placed how they are? Why was this colour chosen? With this curiosity, I was led to Brainstation's UX Design Bootcamp where I found a passion for UX Design. 

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