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Google Insight

Data Integrity by Google.

Design Challenge Outline

How might we increase user privacy through data education?

During my time in the Brainstation bootcamp, we had a hackathon in collaboration with Google to give us aspiring UX Designers the opportunity to create something with Developers and Data Scientists from other Brainstation bootcamps.

We were tasked with coming up with a digital solution to educate users on data privacy.

Out of all the available data sets we were given to work with, we chose to work with taxi records.

"79% of adults assert they are concerned about how companies are using the data they collect about them. "
- Pew Research Center, 2019

Project Timeline

July 2021

Team Members

Data Scientist - Dominic Mortimer

Web Developers - Frank Okeke, Laurie Villeton

UX Designers - Lauren D'Souza, Ginny Hung, Shirley Xu


UX Designer

Programs Used


Resources Used

Unsplash, Noun Project, Storyset

Project Type

Hackathon Project

Project Overview

We want to provide transparency by showing users a comprehensive and interactive map of location data correlating to taxi drivers in NYC.

We want to educate users on the reasons behind location data collection and what it's being used for.

We want to give usable insight and data to commuters and taxi companies.


Behind the Sketches

This is your Feature section paragraph. Use this space to present specific credentials, benefits or special features you offer.

We chose the taxi records because we believed that these records are relevant to Google product users, whose live location information is being collected.

For these users, their data privacy is of concern to them and so we wanted to create a feature that would educate them on where their data is and what it is being used for, and how it can be to their benefit.

Data Maps

As a user, I should be able to see how my data is being analyzed to benefit me.


Low Fidelity


Since the hackathon was hosted by Google, we wanted to maintain the branding as if it was actually created by Google for consistency (and secretly some brownie points). And so, researched the brand guidelines for Google and followed them exactly.

Brand and Visual Identity

Want to experience the prototype?

Final Prototype

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