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An NFT app idea.

Design Challenge Outline

Design Buddies x Adobe XD

As part of a collaboration with Design Buddies and Adobe XD, there was a design challenge to design an NFT App Idea. With that being the only prompt, Daphne and I decided to partner up to create an app idea.

We started off not knowing anything about NFTs and spent a whole day just to learn the concept of it.

Once we have, we decided to focus on the bidding process of NFTs for this challenge. The inspiration we found were mostly web pages rather than apps and so we tasked ourselves with making a clean and minimalistic bidding flow.

Project Timeline

January 2022

Team Members

Daphne Chao, Ginny Hung


UX Designer, UX Researcher, UI Designer

Programs Used

Adobe XD, Figma

Resources Used

Unsplash, Coolors

Project Type

Design Challenge

Project Overview

We want to create an easy to use bidding process.

The app should make NFTs feel less intimidating with a minimalistic design.


Behind the Scenes


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While we were sketching our idea, we aimed to keep the design as simplistic as possible. With only the bare necessities on the screen. We also wanted the app to be able to show a curated collection of NFTs that are based on the user engagement.

Winning Bid

As a user, I will be notified of my successful bid as an overlay.

Top Bids

As a user, I should be able see a history of the bids on the NFT I am viewing.

Curated List

As a user, I should be able to see a curated list of NFTs for me to see in my Marketplace.


Low Fidelity

What is an NFT?

When I was trying to decide a colour scheme for this app, I first thought about what kind of vibe I wanted the app to be in. What adjectives can I think of? When it comes to NFTs, the first one I thought of was futuristic. Which lead me to groovy. These two adjectives led me to a purple/blue theme for this app idea.

Brand and Visual Identity

Want to experience the prototype?

Final Prototype

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