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Share expenses directly in KOHO.

Design Challenge Outline

How might we allow KOHO users to easily manage and share expenses with peers?

In September 2021, I took part in the deCode hackathon and was partnered with a mentor from KOHO.

For deCode, we were given total freedom to create whatever we wanted. Since we were partnered with KOHO, we thought to come up with a feature that could be added onto KOHO.

We then proceeded to brainstorm pain points that users would have when dealing with their finances and we ended on expense sharing. This was a pain point that we all shared, and this feature was not yet implemented on KOHO. That was how xPense was born.

Project Timeline

September 2021

Team Members

Developers - Farouk Ben Nejma, Maria Mihu

UX Designers - Ginny Hung, Mathias Leung, Sun Kim

Mentored by - Leila Elkhalidy


UX Designer, UI Designer

Programs Used


Resources Used

Noun Project

Project Type

Hackathon Project

Project Overview

Generally, it is difficult to accurately split expenses.

It becomes a mess to keep track of who has paid what and to whom.


Behind the Scenes


This is your Feature section paragraph. Use this space to present specific credentials, benefits or special features you offer.

When we were creating xPense, we wanted features that are a pain to do without the ease of an app. One in particular is the ability to create a group of people and share expense with them with the app automatically calculating who owes what amount and to whom. Another feature we thought would be nice to have is to have an instant confirmation option for KOHO to KOHO users for these expense transactions.

Organized Step by Step Process

As a user, I should be able to clearly and easily create an expense to share.

Instant Confirmation

As a user, I should be able to instantly confirm transfers for expenses.

Creating a Group

As a user, I should be able to create a group to share expenses amongst a group of people.


Low Fidelity


Since we intended for this feature to be included in the KOHO app, we maintained the branding guidelines from KOHO.

As for how the name "xPense" was born, it was just a witty removal of letters from expense to create xPense!

Brand and Visual Identity

Want to experience the prototype?

Final Prototype

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